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Iran sees no limits to expanding its naval power: IRGC chief

Commander of Iran’s elite military force, the IRGC, says the country sees no limits to efforts to expand its naval power amid growing maritime tensions in the region caused by the conflict in Palestine.

Major General Hossein Salami of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said on Saturday Iran’s increasing naval power had caused the enemies to withdraw from regional waters.

“The enemy must stay away from the region. The enemy will retreat as we grow stronger and fortunately our enemy understands the logic of power although they may fail to understand the power of logic,” Salami said .

The commander made the remarks in a ceremony in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas where he oversaw the delivery of a new warship and dozens of missile-launching speed boats to the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy.

Statements by commanders and media reports suggested the new warship added to IRGC’s fleet, which has been named Abu Mahdi, will be one of the modern vessels operated by the force and will boost its patrol and combat capabilities.

IRGC adds Abu Mahdi Muhandis warship, 100 fast-attack crafts to naval fleet

IRGC adds Abu Mahdi Muhandis warship, 100 fast-attack crafts to naval fleet

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy has received a radar-evading warship, and 100 fast-attack crafts equipped with a range of missiles.

It comes amid rising tensions in regional waters where Yemeni naval forces have been launching attacks on ships linked to Israel as part of a campaign to force the regime to end its bloody aggression against the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

Yemenis have warned that the attacks would escalate in response to increased military presence of the navy forces of the US and other extra-regional countries in regional waters as part of an alleged coalition to counter threats against international shipping.

In his Saturday remarks, Salami said Iran will expand its defense power to the extent it deems necessary to protect its national interests. He warned that the enemy could be harmed if it stays near the Iranian territory.

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