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Iran seeks deeper ties with emerging economies in Asia: Raeisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has underscored the country’s balanced cooperation with emerging powers in Asia, saying the Islamic Republic adheres to the policy of regionalism and neighborliness in its relations with various countries.

Raeisi made the statement on Wednesday upon his arrival at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport after a two-day trip to Jakarta on an official visit at the invitation of his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo.

Raeisi described Iran’s policy as economic convergence and multilateralism as well as comprehensive and balanced cooperation with Asia’s emerging powers, such as China, India and Indonesia.

“Our policy in Asia is comprehensive and we intend to cooperate with emerging economies in Asia; both with China and Russia and with India and Indonesia,” the Iranian president said, adding, “Our economy and that of Indonesia are complementary. During this trip, we were able to sign 11 cooperation documents between the two countries.”

Raeisi stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relationship with different countries is based on the “policy of regionalism and neighborliness.”

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The Iranian chief executive said the trip to the most Muslim-populated country in the world, which has a special and privileged position in the region and also in the ASEAN, had different dimensions, referring to the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

In a meeting held with Indonesia’s high-ranking officials, as Raeisi said, the will of the two countries to develop commercial, economic, political and cultural relations between the two countries was emphasized.

The Iranian president said Tehran and Jakarta have common views on regional and extra-regional issues, including on Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

Raeisi also expressed his appreciation of the friendly and brotherly government of Indonesia for their warm welcome to the Iranian delegation.

During his visit to the Southeast Asian country, the Iranian president held meetings with his Indonesian counterpart and the speakers of the House of Representatives and the People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia.

He also met with Iranian and Indonesian businessmen and held talks with Indonesian scholars and thinkers as well as Iranians residing in Indonesia.

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