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Iran prepared to recover ransomware infected data



In case of any reports on infected computers at Iranian organizations by the NSA-derived ransomware, Iran’s Passive Defense Organization is prepared to recover the damaged data, head of the Organization said Sunday.

Head of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization Brig. Gen. Gholamreza Jalali said hackers have stolen the cyberweapons from the US National Security Agency and that the worldwide cyberattack has been ‘deliberate’.

“Since the ransomware has affected 90 countries worldwide and in such a short span of time which requires a special base for being able to do so, the attack should be traced back to governments and their intelligence services,” Jalali said, adding “the cyberattacks have not targeted any organizations in the US, but mostly European and Eastern countries, therefore one can assume that the attacks stem from the US.”

Jalali maintained that the number of infected computers in Iran has not been determined yet, adding “international websites tracking this issue have placed Iran at the 15th most affected country.”

The head of Passive Defense Organization advised upgrading Windows to its latest version since Microsoft has already issued a security patch for the vulnerability back in March. He also advised users of infected computers to disconnect their computer from the network and promptly inform the cyber police.

The ransomware attack struck organizations across the globe on Friday. Hackers used a tool known as Eternal Blue developed by US spies at the US National Security Agency. Ransomware encrypts data on computers and demands a fee typically payable in untraceable digital currency to unlock them.

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