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Iran Predicts ‘israeli’ Defeat to Palestinian Resistance Following Gaza Raid

Iran says that Palestine and its resistance forces are highly determined and well-equipped to deliver another hit to Israel following recent deadly airstrikes by the occupying regime on the Gaza Strip.

Nasser Kan’ani, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, took to Twitter on Thursday to express his feelings about the rising death toll in Gaza from the Israeli onslaught, which had surpassed two dozen.

In the past two days, the occupiers have attacked approximately 200 sites in the Gaza Strip, with a focus on residential areas. These raids have resulted in a minimum of 25 deaths and numerous injuries, particularly among children and women.

Despite the cruelty perpetrated by Zionists, Palestine remains oppressed but determined; the deaths of some resistance leaders will not stop it from delivering a response to the regime.

Since Tuesday, the Israeli regime has been carrying out successive air strikes against the besieged Palestinian territory.

At least 25 Palestinians have lost their lives and 76 others have been wounded due to the relentless aggression.

Several commanders of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement, as well as civilians, have been counted among the fatalities.

In response to the bombings, Gaza resistance fighters have launched over 500 rockets, resulting in 25 injuries among Israelis and triggering sirens in the occupied territories, including Tel Aviv.

Kan’ani shared images of the destruction caused by the deadly Israeli assaults.

He stated that Palestine and its resistance groups are unified, resolute, and well-prepared. The occupying power and the unlawful occupants of the occupied territories will only receive a defeat for their current wrongdoings, just as it was in the past.

Despite this, Islamic governments and nations still have a duty to provide strong and effective support for Palestine in the face of the Palestinian nation’s resilience and resistance to their oppressors.

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