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Iran not to start a war, but will vigorously defend itself if attacked

The Head of Iranian Army’s Strategic Studies Center Brigadier General Pourdastan says that Iran will not be the first country to start a war but it will vigorously defend itself against external threats.

“Iran’s armed forces’ military doctrine is formed based on deterrence and defense,” Brigadier General Ahmadreza Pourdastan said on Thursday in a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr from the Ba’ath regime of Saddam, adding “we will not be the first country to start any war and we are not looking for dominance over any other country, but we will confront the enemy’s threats anywhere, and will try to enhance our defense capabilities.”

“We know very well what weapons and equipment are in the US bases in Jordan, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” Pourdastan underlined.

He said that Iran faces a new enemy today, and it needs to create a new defense system to repel the today’s direct threats.

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