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Iran not to hesitate to respond to any aggression dreadfully

In response to the remarks of the prime minister of the Zionist regime against Iran, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani said that Iran won't hesitate to give a dreadful response to any aggression.


“The PM of the world’s #1 terror regime, mimicking his failed predecessor, abused the #UNGA podium to spread hatred & threaten the Iranian nation. It is their modus operandi to blackmail the world. Iran’s proven that it won’t hesitate to give a dreadful response to any aggression,” Kan’ani wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

His tweet came in response to the remarks of the Zionist regime Prime Minister Yair Lapid in his first address to the UN General Assembly in which he made some claims against Iran.

“If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, “they will use it. The only way to prevent this, is to put a credible military threat on the table and then negotiate a longer and stronger deal with them,” he claimed.

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