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Iran: No serious threat likely to target borders



Minister of intelligence has visited crossing of the border of Arbaeen pilgrims in southeast provinces of Ilam and Khuzestan.

Mr. Sey.yed Mahmoud Alavi briefly addressed reporters about the general security of the Arbaeen rituals where it is estimated that about 2 million Iranians have crossed the borders to observe the mourning ceremonies in Karbala, November 20.

Alavi said that the Ministry had largely secured borders from any infiltration of terrorist or extremist lone wolf attacks or any encroachments to target Arbaeen processions; “the excellent coordination of the military and intelligence forces has all but aborted any misguided attempts by the enemies to challenge the security of the country; currently, the movement across the borders of pilgrims is smooth through 3 key border crosses,” he told reporters on Thursday.

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