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Iran Navy’s presence in free waters imperative


Navy Commander Sayyari has underlined that the country’s naval strategic force is required to participate in international waters.

Iranian Navy Commander Habibollah Sayyari made the remarks on Monday morning during a ceremony held in Bandar Abbas to welcome the arrival of Iranian Navy’s 41st flotilla of warships and dispatching the 42nd fleet.

The commander urged professors and instructors to spare no efforts in preparing student for naval trips.

Sayyari pointed to the goals pursued by Iranian Navy fleets stating “dispatching of flotillas to international waters aims to present capabilities of Iran Navy which is vital for any strategic force.”

“Presence of Iran’s naval strategic force in free waters demonstrates power and capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in maritime arenas,” stressed Navy commander.

He went on to clarify that “Iranian flotillas also seek to confront Iranophobia, gain intelligence dominance in the region as well as to cooperate with naval forces of different countries.”

“They are also after securing business lines,” highlighted Sayyari concluding “Iran’s Navy fleet will make presence wherever needed in order to secure interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as to manifest that Iran’s Navy is an international, political and military force.”

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