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Iran founder of Islamic-Christian forum



Sheikh Mahdi al Samide’ee, prominent Iraqi Mufti, attended fourth Muslim-Christian Summit on respect and safeguarding human honor as ground for global peace and security in Tehran calling for coexistence among Muslims, Christians and the Jews for more cooperation to save humanity, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iraqi Sunni cleric referred to instances of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) life leading fraternal behavior with followers of other religions calling that as proof for the pacifist nature of Islam.

Prominent Iraqi cleric in another part of his remarks stressed necessity of coexistence among Muslims, Christians and the Jews saying that Iraq is popular for including such a combination while this peace and cooperation is subject to change in most parts of the world.

” It is a duty for this summit to stand against Takfiri and extremist groups which allow homicide” he said expressing readiness to make contributions for the end.

Attended by top religious figures and elites from Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, the US, Sweden, the Vatican, Italy, India, France, UK and Hong Kong, fourth Muslim-Christian Summit on Respect for Human Dignity the Foundation of Peace and Security is underway in Tehran 6-9 November 2016.

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