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Iran foils major Mossad sabotage attempt on defense industry

The Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics said was able to prevent a sabotage attack in the defense industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran through a complicated plan, a source at the intelligence force told national TV on Thursday.

“Over the past months, a completely professional network that had plotted to bring faulty and equipped pieces into the supply chain of the production line of advanced missiles in the missile industries of the defense ministry through the cooperation of some infiltrating elements,” the source said, adding that, but the network “fell in a trap spread by the intelligence forces at the defense ministry and it was dismantled.”

The official in the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Organization further said that the network was directed by the Israeli regime’s Mossad who sought “to sell the equipped parts to turn the produced rockets into an explosive tool to hit industrial lines and employees working in that field.”

“Despite the very complicated plot designed by the Zionist enemy, this action of the enemy was under intelligence and operational monitoring from the very beginning and was completely neutralized after detaining its agents,” he further asserted.

The intelligence official further noted that the Zionist regime was still in shock after its major plot was foiled.

The national TV has released video footage of the faulty parts:


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