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Iran foils ‘biggest’ sabotage plot against its defense industry

Iranian intelligence forces have thwarted a complicated sabotage plot against the country’s defense industry.

The “biggest” sabotage plot against the missile and aerospace industry of the Defense Ministry was neutralized through the vigilance of the ministry’s Intelligence Organization, the national TV reported on Thursday.

It added that the Israeli regime’s spy services and its global vassals were behind the plot, aimed at harming Iran’s defense power.

An official in the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Organization said that due to the effectiveness of Iran’s missile power in creating deterrence against enemy threats, its missile industry has always been among the targets of enemy spy services.

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The source explained that in recent years, multi-layer intelligence and security projects have been designed and implemented under the cover of buying parts to deceive the enemy’s spy services.

The Iranian intelligence forces managed to bust a professional network that had plotted to introduce “faulty and equipped parts” to be used in the production of advanced missiles in the Defense Ministry, the source added.

“Under direct orders from Mossad, this network, by selling the equipped parts, intended to convert the produced missiles into explosive devices to harm industrial lines and employees working in this field.”

The source further stated that the Israeli regime is frustrated over the huge blow it received with the dismantling of its sabotage network in Iran.

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