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Iran FM Warns ‘israel’: “Our Children Play with Better Toys”

In a fiery statement to American media outlet NBC News, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-abdollahian dismissed the recent attack on his country as nothing more than child’s play. Refusing to confirm if ‘Israel’ was behind the attack, Amir-abdollahian described the weapons used as “toys that our children play with.”

No attack happened in Isfahan to elicit #Iran’s reaction: @Amirabdolahian to @NBCNews https://t.co/kC9BunHfXJ pic.twitter.com/MSReNAdRVd

— IRNA News Agency (@IrnaEnglish) April 20, 2024


During the interview in New York, where Amir-abdollahian was attending a UN Security Council session, he stated that Iran had no plans to retaliate unless ‘Israel’ launches a significant attack. However, he warned that if ‘Israel’ were to take decisive action against Iran, the response would be immediate, maximum, and regrettable.



Iran’s foreign minister in New York says that the quadcopters shot down in Isfahan caused no material damage or casualties, Western media tried to exaggerate this event in order to present Israel’s defeat as a victory pic.twitter.com/5wsuzdcHkn

— Iran Observer (@IranObserver0) April 19, 2024



Dubbing the attack on Iran as a “warning,” Amir-abdollahian said that while Iran could have targeted major Israeli cities such as Haifa and Tel Aviv, they refrained from doing so in order to protect civilians. The attack, known as ‘Truthful Promise,’ involved a mix of missile and drone operations, including Shahed UAVs, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles.


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