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Iran censures British FM’s ‘delusional, meddlesome’ remarks

Iran says the British government had better stop leveling accusations against Tehran and consider its own stability and demands of British citizens while eliminating discrimination against refugees and Muslims in Britain.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani on Friday strongly condemned the recent “delusional and meddlesome” remarks by Britain’s Foreign Minister James Cleverly about the recent developments inside Iran, the Islamic Republic’s right to peaceful nuclear energy, and Tehran’s role in regional developments.

Speaking during an interview Sunday, Cleverly said it was “in Iran’s hands” to engage successfully in the talks to salvage the 2015 nuclear agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He added, “The ball is very much in Iran’s court and has been for a while now.”

The foreign minister also claimed that Iran is “attempting to destabilize” regional and neighboring states.


In response to such accusations, Kan’ani said, “These baseless statements are a part of a hostile political campaign by Britain and certain European countries against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“Britain and some European countries, which should be held accountable for their inhumane moves against the Iranian nation at international circles, are undoubtedly in no position to make human rights claims and level accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the spokesperson said.

Instead of making unfounded and repeated claims about Iran’s role in the region, he said, it would be better for London to stop sowing discord among regional countries and contributing to crimes against humanity through the sale of lethal weapons to some of its regional customers, and hand over regional peace and stability to the countries in the region.

Kan’ani reiterated the “completely transparent and peaceful” nature of Iran’s nuclear program, saying Britain, which has not complied with the JCPOA because of accompanying the United States, “is not in a position to question the nature of Iran’s nuclear program.”


The Iranian spokesman once again rejected Britain’s claims about the dispatch of Iran-made drones to Russia to be used against Ukraine and said it is the Western states that are making constant attempts to narrow down the opportunity to resolve the conflict via political and peaceful means by sending massive weapons to parties engaged in the crisis.

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