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Iran Arrests Members of London-Backed Spying Cell



Members of a team affiliated to Britain with links with the groups leading the 2009 unrests were arrested by the security forces, a source said on Thursday.

“Recently, members of a network affiliated to Britain have been arrested”, who sought to launch espionage operations in Iran and had contacts with some main members of the group who led the 2009 unrests and other anti-Iran groups, the source told FNA.

Abbas Edalat was also among those arrested in Iran.

British sources said last night that Edalat is a British-Iranian citizen and a professor of computer sciences and mathematics at Imperial College in London.

Imperial College plays a special role in training spies in different disguises to launch espionage operations inside Iran.

According to Wall Street Journal, Edalat traveled to Iran from his home in London at an unknown date to attend an academic workshop, according to family friends.

The British Foreign Office said in a statement that it was “urgently seeking information from the Iranian authorities following reports of the arrest of a British-Iranian dual national.”


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