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Iran Army chief: Enemies lined up in crosshairs; Air Force’s readiness ‘unprecedented’

The chief commander of the Iranian Army says the country’s Armed Forces are powerful enough to stand up against any enemy and deal heavy blows.

Speaking at the Army Aviation combat base in the city of Kerman on Monday, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said that the armed personnel in all countries are expected to be capable of conducting offensive and defensive operations and defending national interests in the face of an act of aggression.

“It has been for years that our country’s Armed Forces, including the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, have reached a level of capability that enables us to stand up against any enemy at any level and location, defeat them, and deal decisive blows that make them regret greatly if they want to conduct an act of aggression against our country,” he added.

Mousavi noted that the enemies believe they should not engage in a military confrontation with the Islamic Republic as it will definitely inflict an “irreparable defeat” on them.

He further hailed the current state of readiness of the Iranian Army Aviation as “unprecedented” considering the number of its helicopters equipped with items and weapons.

Iranian helicopters, he said, can today hit their targets even from a long distance using different weapons.

“Through cooperation between Air Force, Army’s Ground Force and the country’s defense industry, major achievements have been made,” Mousavi noted.

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