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Iran: Any aggression on Syria is “condemnable” , flagrant violation of its sovereignty and international laws

Tehran, SANA- Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani affirmed that launching any aggression against Syria , or violating its sovereignty and territorial integrity is a flagrant breaches of international laws, and it is condemnable.

” The silence of international forums and the UN Security Council, along with the failure to show decisive and deterrent reactions are reasons for this continuous aggression on Syrian territory”, Kanani said Monday in a press conference answering a question raised about Israel’s repeated aggressions against Syria, calling on international organizations, the UN and the Security Council to show a serious reaction towards such acts of hostile.

Kanani added that the Syrian people have been the victim of the Zionist aggressions for years “and in this regard we support any action by the Syrian government to defend itself and ensure the security of its people”.

Bushra Dabin /Baraa Ali

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