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Interior Ministry: Piercing ID cards, voting via internet or blocking roads false

20140602-134359_h548108Interior Ministry dismissed all rumors on piercing ID cards, voting via internet in case voter could not reach an election center or blocking roads between the Syrian cities and their outskirts as ” completely false”, pointing out that these rumors aim at affecting the democratic atmosphere of the presidential elections, which are to be held tomorrow.

The Ministry clarified, in a statement, that no sign is to be marked on ID’s or passports for those who are going to practice their electoral right, adding that those who want to vote should come in person.

“The Ministry is going to take all required procedures for facilitating the movement of citizens from and to city centers,” the statement added.

The Ministry noted that each elections committee member should make sure that the ID’s belong to the voters carrying them, and then the committee hands them a sealed envelop with one paper inside containing the names and pictures of the three candidates.

The voters are to enter a secret room for choosing a candidate, putting down any sign on the chosen candidate’s space and then they are to re-put the paper inside the envelop and cast it in the ballot box.

After closing the boxes, committees of the centers count the number of envelops and compare them with the number of voters without checking their contents, and then the elections committee counts votes and organizes a minutes in presence of candidates’ agents.

The committee then organizes a minutes of the results that is immediately referred to judicial subcommittee along with the box and accompanied with policemen. after that the subcommittee sends the minutes to the Supreme Judicial Committee , where the results are declared by the Supreme Constitutional Court.

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