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Inhuman US-israel puppet ISIS Beheads Syrian Accused of Jordanian Intelligence Agent

While after ISIS behead second Japanese captors and Jordan vowed to do all it can to secure the release of a pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh captured by the ISIS group, A new video released by ISIS affiliated Twitter accounts showed the beheading of a Syrian man accused of working with the Jordanian intelligence agency, I 24 news reported.
The man, Ibrahim Husain Hagirat, stated in the video that he was fighting with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and was captured by ISIS mitants in September in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.

In the video, Hagirat, is seen answering questions and said that he received a significant sum of money every month from Jordan’s intelligence agency for information on the terrorists group.
It remains unclear whether he was beheaded shortly after his capture or more recently.

ISIS Beheads Syrian Accused of Jordanian Intelligence Agent
Jordan has vowed to do all it can to secure the release of a pilot captured by the ISIS group, after a video was released appearing to show the beheading of a second Japanese hostage. A Jordanian government spokesperson says Jordan is still ready to hand over a jailed Iraqi militant to the IS in return for the airman Muath al-Kaseasbeh.
The wife of slain second Japanese hostage Kenji Goto said Monday she was devastated but proud of her husband, who was beheaded by ISIS extremists.

In a statement issued through the British-based journalist group Rory Peck Trust, Rinko Jogo said: I remain extremely proud of my husband, who reported the plight of people in conflict areas like Iraq, Somalia and Syria,”
“It was his passion to highlight the effects on ordinary people, especially through the eyes of children, and to inform the rest of us of the tragedies of war,” she said.
But in amman, Jordan say committed to fighting ISIS, despite hostage drama.Jordan remains “as committed as ever” to a US-led military coalition against the ISIS group, the kingdom’s foreign minister said Sunday, amid heightened fears for the life of a Jordanian fighter pilot held by the militants, AP reports.

Jordanian airman Muath al-Kaseasbeh
Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh spoke a day after another ISIS hostage, Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, was purportedly beheaded by the militants. The fate of the two captives had been linked but a video of Goto’s purported slaying made no mention of the pilot.
Jordanian foreign minister added: No proof from ISIS that pilot is alive.

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