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Infographics| 100 Days into Op. Al-Aqsa Flood: Gaza Resists, Axis of Resistance Supports

t has been 100 days since the launch of the brutal Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip in occupied Palestine. The widespread massacres, destruction, and humanitarian crisis have not only shifted international public opinion but also ignited condemning demonstrations across many countries. In response, several nations have recognized the urgent need for intervention and stepped in to support the oppressed residents of the Strip.

Lebanon took the lead in providing support, initiating attacks on all enemy positions along the borders with occupied Palestine as the Islamic resistance gained momentum. Following Lebanon’s lead, Yemen and Iraq conducted operations against the Zionist entity and US military bases in Iraq and Syria. Noteworthy is the courageous decision of the Yemeni Armed Forces to target vessels en route to the entity, crossing the Red Sea. These actions taken by the supporting fronts in the Axis of Resistance had significant repercussions, all undertaken in the pursuit of the Palestinian cause and on the way to liberating occupied Al-Quds.

In this context, the Al-Manar website presents a set of statistics for the ongoing war:

Hezbollah Backs Resistance in Gaza

Islamic Resistance in Iraq Backs Gaza

Yemeni Armed Forces Back Gaza

Palestinian Resistance Factions Valiantly Combat

Zionist Entity’s Human Cost 

As is customary, the Zionist entity conceals its losses, veiling them in secrecy and prohibiting its media from acknowledging the true extent of the damage incurred. Presented below are statistics on the losses sustained by the Zionist entity, compiled from Israeli media and statements by Zionist military officials.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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