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Infographic: Terrorist-held Idlib sinks in assassinations and chaos

A new and uncontrollable surge of assassinations has plagued the northwestern province of Idlib over the last two months as the terrorist-held province has become isolated by observation posts.

According to figures included in an infograpohic published recently online, the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot is the most affected with at least 41 militants killed since April 24. Other Islamist and Salafist groups such as Faylaq al-Sham Ahrar al-Sham and Turkistan Islamic Part have also lost scores of fighters.

While a great part of the assassinations has been carried out by unidentified assailants, rebel groups accused the Syrian government of systematically liquidating high-level commanders through agents and spies who work undercover.

Less blame has been put on sleeper cells operated by the defeated Islamic State.

Idlib province is caught in fierce infighting among several jihadi groups which vie for power and control of border crossings with Turkey.

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