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Infighting Intensifies between US-Backed Terrorists in Northeastern Syria

The Syrian Democratic Terrorists (SDF) and other US-backed militant groups intensified their clashes in Raqqa province on Wednesday as similar tensions with civilians in Raqqa city have increased.

“A number of SDF forces were wounded in the course of clashes between the SDF and another US-backed militant group named Thwar al-Raqqa Brigade,” local sources said.

This comes as the SDF forces also arrested a number of civilians in the villages of al-Sharia and al-Fadavi near the town of Ain Issa in Northern Raqqa on charges of cooperation with Thwar al-Raqqa Brigade.

Meantime, the SDF forces have arrested at least 35 young people in the market of Raqqa city and sent them to an unknown destination for forced conscription.

The local sources, meantime, underlined that massive military equipment has been sent to Ain Issa concurrent with a meeting of SDF commanders.

This is while the blasts and attacks by unknown assailants on the SDF positions have considerably increased in recent days.

In a relevant development on Sunday, unknown attackers opened fire at a group of the SDF in al-Karamah settlement in Eastern Raqqa, killing a militiaman and injuring nine more.

In the meantime, over eighty civilians gathered in al-Sa’ah Square in Raqqa city and protested against SDF’s forced recruitment, calling for release of their arrested young men. Also, a field source pointed to the popular uprising against SDF in Raqqa city in recent weeks, and said the SDF has come under a fresh wave of attacks.

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