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In response to al-Joulani speech, ISIL assassins the Emir of al-Nusra Front in Al-Hasakah

530cc323231de (2)The Syrian Center for Documentation said that the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant assassinated the Emir al-Nusra Front al-Hasakah city Khaled al-khaseer “Abu Sayyaf” in response to al-Joulani speech according to sources close to al-Nusra. Al-Joulani in a speech published on jihadist sites had given ISIL “a 5 days delay to stop its excesses and to invoke to Shara” stressing that they (the Front) “bore its attacks and assaults for a year to avoid a greater evil”.
Al-Joulani also threatened to mobilize the Front to transfer the war with ISIL to Iraq.
It is noteworthy that ISIL is the strongest faction of the armed groups in al-Hasakah province after the withdrawal of the al-Nusra Front from the province after heavy fighting between the two parties, where “ISIL” fully controls the south and east and north-east countryside of al-Hasakah province, after controlling the cities of Markadeh and Shaddadi as well as the towns of al-Houl and Tal Hamis earlier.

Source: Breaking News Network

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