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IIT once more refuted the so-called “Syrian Govern. systematic torture” allegations presented to UNSC by AA


The original paraghraph from Anadolu Agency:
“The eight new photos, acquired simultaneously with a UN Security Council voting Thursday on a resolution to bring the Syrian civil war before the International Criminal Court, show signs of brutal torture on the bodies of detainees including children and old persons.”
The photos portray numbered corpses — some of which with eyes gouged out and other body parts cut — being displayed side by side.

It has been many times that the enemies of Syria published the photos that are not clear but always target Syrian Government.

Now we want to ask:

1- How did Anadolu Agency understand the torture was done by Syria Government just by looking these photos? Was AA at the scene? From Whom AA got these photos? Why AA doesn’t give the names of those who delivered the photos? Is it for security? Is this security more important than the heartbreaking case in these photos?
2- Why are there always photos in hands of  media just before UN Security Council?

3- Why are not there any photo of people, officials who delivered the victims’ body?

4- Who will take advantages of this crime mostly? Assad or Oppossition?

5- Why are not the dates of the pictures shown? Now that Anadolu agency blames Assad openly then why don’t they give clear evidences but suspended, vague claims… and so forth

Although there are hundreds CLEAR videos show the chemicals have been used by terrorists in Syria as in the videos below none of these media has ever published anything on these APPARENT cases. WHY? Can UN Security Council say something? No, bcause it is the UNSC that supply terrorists with chemicals. Here evidences.

For YouTube Link:


Here our previous news on these kind of scandals:

Exclusive- Islamic Invitation Turkey refuted the news “torture photos by Assad” [Date and Time:22 January 2014 – 0:59]

to read the full story:

Now, who are likely to kill people in these ways? Syrian Government or the terrorists who see anything legal to topple Assad?

Who are likely to torture people???

For YouTube Link:

Psychopath terrorists in Syria talking with the beheaded body

For YouTube Link:

Why UN or other organisations say NOTHING on these CLEAR EVIDENCES?

For YouTube Link:

Who is Behind The Chemical Attack in Syria? (Undeniable EVIDENCE)

Who used chemical weapons in Syria?
Exclusive- The sinister game of Chemical Wepaons by terrorists in Syria REFUTED, UNCOVERED by Islamic Invitation Turkey!!!

for details:

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