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Idlib: Syrian Army Gives Terrorists Last Ultimatum to End Fight against Gov’t Forces



Syria’s military aircraft dropped thousands of leaflets over terrorist-held regions in Northern Idlib on Wednesday, urging the militants to lay down arms and surrender themselves to the government troops.

The military helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over Ma’arat Mesrin region in Northern Idlib, calling on militants to lay down their weapons and return to normal life.

The army also announced in the leaflet that it will continue the battle to drive all the terrorists out of the country.

Sources affiliated to the terrorists disclosed on Tuesday that the terrorist groups carried out a joint coup against Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) and Abu Mohammad al-Joulani in Idlib to prevent possible war in the region.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news quoted the sources as saying that all the terrorist groups in Idlib in Northwestern Syria stormed the positions of Al-Nusra Front and al-Joulani in a military coup.

Al-Hadath further added that talks between the Syrian Army and representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were underway to get rid of Al-Nusra and al-Joulani in order to prevent eruption of clashes and pave the ground for restoring peace and tranquility in the region.

The Syrian government forces have made fresh gains in the war on terrorism in the provinces of Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Raqqa and Deir Ezzur, purging the entire country of ISIL terrorists as soon as possible.

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