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I Will Never Betray Sheikh Zakzaky: Nigerian Pastor



In a continuous show of hospitality and compassionate by Christians of conscience in Kaduna and its environs, Pastor Yohanna D. Buru of evangelical Church, S/Tasha Kaduna, has warmly received some retinue of Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN), in his residence in S/Tasha, Kaduna.

The reception of the faithful members of the forum was during a homage paid to the Pastor on Sunday, 25th of December, 2016.
During the precedented visit, Pastor Y. Buru expresses appreciation for the existing cordial relation between IMN and Christians communities in Kaduna and other parts of Nigeria where same visit is being made under the guidance of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.
He explained that, no body had invited him to Sheikh and he would neither be incited to betray him.
For Sheikh Zakzaky’s cause, I was being intimidated and dishearten many a times by enemies of humanity and peace. But this could not make me to have a dismay upon Sheikh and his call. I was warmly received by Sheikh Zakzaky on my fist contact with him, irrespective of my religion or ethnic group. I understand the philosophy and justification of Sheikh Zakzaky for allowing this cordial relation between Cnidarians and his disciples to remained underived. Explained Pastor Buru.
He however called on the entire disciples of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to remain calm and never stir up any violence in justification for the torture and incarceration of faithful members of the Movement and the leader, Sheikh Zakzaky.
Pastor Buru at the end of his address extends his thankfulness to Sheikh Yaqoub Yahaya Katsina, Sheikh Abdulkadir Koki Kano, Sheikh Kasim Umar Sokoto, for an assistance offered to him on the cause of his son within the week.
In a similar development, some academicians from Kaduna State University(KASU) led by a Doctor from Faculty of Medicine, met during same visit to the Pastor’s residence, recommended the noble effort of Sheikh Zakzaky and his disciples for this good gestures that would fastens the cordial relations and good understanding among inter-faiths in Nigeria.
At the end of the visit, a special card of season greeting was offered to him by chapter co-ordinator of the forum, Malam Saminu Muhammad.
The visit consist of students, men and women drawn from various tertiary institutions within Kaduna and environs.



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