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Hundreds of Fresh Soldiers Join Syrian Army’s Anti-Terrorism War in Aleppo


Military sources announced on Sunday that the Syrian Army has dispatched several battalions of fresh soldiers to the Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city to reinvigorate government forces’ front in the war on Jeish al-Fatah terrorist coalition.
“Syrian Army’s fresh forces have arrived in Western countryside of Aleppo to join their comrades in military academies and al-Ramousiyeh,” the sources said.

“As soon as arrival of Army forces in Aleppo, Jeish al-Fata launched missile attacks on residential areas in al-Hamdaniyeh and al-Ramousiyeh,” the sources went on to say.

Earlier reports said that a large number of ready-to-fight combatants of the Lebanese Hezbollah have arrived in al-Hamdaniyeh district to join the Syrian government forces to beat back Jeish al-Fatah terrorist from the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Aleppo, battlefield sources said minutes ago.

“Hezbollah fighters, including Rezwan battalion, have now been deployed to al-Hamdaniyeh,” sources said, adding, “There is no terrorist threat in al-Hamdaniyeh and Hezbollah fighters will be dispatched to al-Ramousiyeh to confront Jeish al-Fatah’s offensives there.”

“Southern and Eastern parts of al-Ramousiyeh, cement factory, al-Ameriyeh in Northwestern side of al-Ramousiyeh and the region 606 are under full control of the Syrian army and its popular allies,” the sources said.

“The entire communication lines of the terrorist groups in the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Aleppo are being strictly monitored by the government forces and no terrorist vehicle can move on the region’s roads safely,” they added.

“In the meantime, military and logistical supplies have been provided for the Syrian army and its allies via al-Malaah farms,” the sources went on to say.

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