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Humans of Gaza: Dr. Maisara Al Rayyes, a doctor and Chevening scholar

“In the last few days, I’m starting to feel more terrified than ever. I imagine myself underneath the rubble, and I have a great fear of staying alive under the rubble.”

This is a text message Dr. Maisara Azmi Al Rayyes sent to a friend last week as Israeli warplanes hovered over the smoke-filled skies of the besieged Gaza Strip.

On November 7, Rayyes’s worst fears came true. Israel bombed his home when the family was sleeping. The 28-year-old doctor was stuck under the rubble of a six-story building for 60 hours.

The complete blackout and siege imposed by the Zionist regime forces did not allow rescuer workers to reach Rayyes and his family as they were trapped under the rubble, taking their final breaths.

Muhammad Rayyes and Moayad Rayyes, two brothers of Dr. Rayyes, who had survived the first blast were trying to retrieve the body of their brother from the rubble when another airstrike struck.

Both of them were killed as well. All three brothers remained under the rubble for days.

A video on social media showed the bodies of the brothers lying under the wreckage of their home.

The young doctor had completed his degree in medicine from Al Azhar University in Gaza. His exceptional performance helped him get the prestigious Chevening Scholarship as well.

Rayyes joined King’s College London for his Masters in 2019. He graduated with an MSc in Women and Children’s Health. During his time at King’s, his research was published in several high-profile journals, according to documents accessed by the Press TV website.

His hard work and dedication had earned him respect among all who knew him. Rayyes wanted to work to improve the healthcare for women and children in low-income and war-affected regions.

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