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Humanity needs to know Hussain ibn Ali (pbuh)

The present article examines the reasons behind the necessity of introducing Hussain ibn Ali (pbuh), the third Imam of the Shi'a Muslims

More than 1,300 years have passed since the martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali (peace be upon him). But day by day, we can see in the news and the books that are published that this story is becoming more famous and alive. This story has certain themes at its core that are essential for our life today. We should know that if these themes had not been spread, nothing of Islam, the Quran, and the truths of Islamic teachings would have survived until today. This may sound a bit strange, but the reason for this is our lack of knowledge and historical and epistemological understanding regarding the life of Imam Hussain (pbuh) and his role in the revival of Islam. Part of this [lack of knowledge], of course, is due to the censorship of historians who were affiliated with corrupt governments in the early centuries of Islam, and part of this is due to our lack of effort to understand the truth.

If we examine the life and sayings of Imam Hussain (pbuh) – this true grandson of the Prophet of Islam along with his brother, whom the Prophet called the Masters of the youths of paradise – we will see what continuous efforts he made to preserve the great legacy of Islam, which was the legacy of his grandfather. These efforts included:

  • Giving clarification about the true Islam and warning Muslims about the Islam that had been distorted by the Umayyad rulers
  • Conducting public activities against the political corruption and oppressive government that sought to humiliate people
  • Awakening and alerting the consciences of prominent figures in society
  • And finally, sacrificing his life by standing up to a major deviant by the name of Yazid

And this, of course, is one of his most beneficial lessons for the freedom-seeking people of history, this lesson of resisting the extremely dangerous deviant movement of that day. He expressed his resistance in his letter to the people of Kufa in this way, “Know that the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, during his lifetime said, ‘If one sees a tyrannical ruler who deems what God has forbidden to be lawful, breaks the covenant of God, opposes the traditions of the Prophet of God, behaves in a sinful, hostile manner among the people, and he does not change his words or conduct, God has the right to place him in a position similar to that of the cruel rulers in the Hereafter.’” In fact, Imam Hussain shows the reason behind changing his behavior toward the government in this letter. He says that his duty is to resist, that he must express his opposition, that he must step onto the path of opposition and resistance no matter what the outcome is. If it is his fate to win, very well. But if his fate is martyrdom, even better.

With this action, Hussain (pbuh) showed us a logic … the logic of resistance … a sublime resistance that is full of self-sacrifice to save human beings.

It should not be assumed that Hussain’s logic was for a specific geography, a specific time, or a specific society.

The logic and movement of Imam Hussain (pbuh) was not to save a nation or the Ummah. It was and is the logic and movement of wanting to save history.

Let’s look at our world, a world plagued by oppression, corruption, degradation, and disgrace. It is a world that desperately needs the teachings of Hussain’s freedom-seeking movement. Today, we need to introduce Hussain ibn Ali to the world.

Undoubtedly, in the people of the world today, the youth of the world, and the fair-minded nations, their hearts are beating for such a truth. If Imam Hussain (pbuh) is introduced to the world, the truths of Islam and the Quran for liberation and justice-seeking will be introduced as well.

Today, there are hundreds of voices and propaganda tools working against true Islam and its teachings, which are intrinsically against Global Arrogance and the Takfiri (excommunication) movements. In opposition to this hostile movement of the front of disbelief and Arrogance, introducing the logic and movement of Imam Hussain (pbuh), which is the pure, genuine Islam that frees human beings, can single-handedly act as a shield. The logic of Hussain ibn Ali (pbuh) is the logic of defending the truth, the logic of standing up to oppression, rebellion, deviation, and Arrogance. This is Imam Hussain’s logic. Today, the world needs this logic. Today, the world is witnessing the rule of disbelief, Arrogance, and corruption. It is witnessing the rule of oppression. This message of Imam Hussain is a message for saving the world. The magnificent movement of Arbaeen also spreads this message to the world.

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