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Homs-Hama Highway in Syria Reopens After 7 Years

A highway connecting the Syrian provinces of Homs and Hama was reopened after seven years of closure due to the activity of terrorist groups.


SANA reported on Wednesday that the Syrian army’s engineering brigades have completed work at the 47-kilometer-long highway.

The Homs-Hama highway and a number of nearby settlements came under the control of the Syrian army about a month ago as a result of arrangements on withdrawal of armed militants from the north of Homs province and the south of Hama.

The highway, located in central Syria, is of strategic significance from an economic point of view.

After the reopening, motorists waved Syrian flags along the road, marking the victory of government forces, who have retaken control of all pockets of militants around the capital, Damascus, in recent months.

The Syrian forces have liberated many regions in the past few months and have pushed back terrorist groups, most notably Daesh (ISIS or ISIL), in military operations coordinated with the allies.

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