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Hezbollah, Syrian Troops Make Gains in Zabadani

Syrian army forces, backed by Lebanese Hezbollah resistance fighters, have made advances against the foreign-backed militants operating in the city of Zabadani near the capital, Damascus.
On Sunday, the allied forces seized the city’s Silan Square, also known as the Festival Arena, the Silan bus station, and another location in the city’s southeast.

Reports say allied forces also retook vehicles and buildings being used as hideouts by the militants.

Syrian forces and the Lebanese fighters have launched an operation against terrorists in the strategic city, which borders Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the Syrian army has already retaken over 70 percent of the city.

In late August, Syrian forces and Lebanese fighters managed to liberate a number of building blocks from the militants in the Hay al-Hakmah neighborhood east of Zabadani, and further advanced toward the central parts of the city.

Zabadani, located in the Rif Dimashq Province, has been the scene of heavy clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorists over the past weeks.

The Syrian army’s control over the town would entirely cut off the supply lines used by the militants for transferring ammunition and forces into areas near Damascus, while it would also secure the highway connecting the Syrian capital to the Lebanese capital, Beirut; Press TV reported.

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