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Hezbollah, Syrian Army Control “Blocksat” Heights in Jarajir Barrens in Qalamoun

Hezbollah and the Syrian army managed on Wednesday to advance in Jarajir barrens in Qalamoun, controlling the so-called “Blocksat” heights which has an area of 20 square kilometers and lies on an altitude of 2400 meters.

The strategic heights of “Blocksat” overlook completely Qara barrens and the rest of Jarajir and Arsal outskirts.

The Resistance fighters and the Syrian military units killed scores of Nusra terrorists and destroyed three of their machineguns-equipped vehicles and a bulldozer.

Hezbollah and the Syrian units also seized full control over Shi’bet al-Tamseh, Shi’bet Wadi al-Ahmar and Qirnet Wadi al-Ahmar in al-Jarajir barrens and over Raas al-Koush and the front part of Wadi al-Qadoumi in the mountainous Qalamoun area in Damascus Countryside.

It’s worth noting that scores of Nusra Front terrorists escaped the battlefield and traded accusations of betrayal amid a case of confusion and fear in their ranks.

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