Hezbollah strikes Israeli military site, foils incursions into Lebanon- Video

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has conducted a fresh reprisal attack against an Israeli military position in a show of support for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who are subjected to a genocidal war by the occupying regime.

In a statement released on Monday morning, Hezbollah said it had fired artillery toward the Zarit barracks and its vicinity in the occupied territories.

It added that the operation was conducted in solidarity with the “steadfast Palestinian people” in the besieged Gaza and their “brave and honorable resistance.”

On Sunday, Hezbollah launched similar operations against several Israeli military sites, including Jal al-Alam and a-Malikiyah, as well as the surveillance system stationed at the Metulla base.

Hezbollah thwarts Israeli incursions into Lebanon

The resistance group also said that it had foiled attempted Israeli military incursions into the villages of Rmeish and Ramia in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah said that its fighters detonated a large explosive device against Israeli forces from the Golani Brigade, who had attempted to infiltrate into Ramia, and targeted them with several artillery shells.

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