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Hezbollah soldiers Advance in Arsal Barrens, Inflict Heavy Losses upon Nusra Terrorists



Hezbollah soldiers, backed by the Syrian warplanes, continued on Friday striking Nusra Front terrorists in Arsal barrens, inflicting heavy losses upon them and liberating swathes of territories from them.

The latest reports stressed that the Islamic Resistance established control over Wadi Dakik, Al-Zaarour and Dahr Al-Arabi in Arsal barrens as well as other terrorist sites in Flita barrens and other border areas.

Hezbollah soldiers had controlled Al-Burkan hill and remarkably advanced towards Al-Anzah in Arsal barrens before launching a large scale attack the terrorists’ positions in Dahr Al-Howe and Rawhe plain in the same area.

Eventually, Hezbollah soldiers firmly controlled Al-Rahwa plain and Dahr Al-Howa site, removing Nusra terrorists’ flag and raising that of the Resistance over the strategic post.

Destroying Nusra key operations room in Al-Rahwa plain, Hezbollah soldiers strike two Nusra vehicles in Wadi Hmayyed in Arsal barrens, killing a number of terrorists.

The terrorists acknowledged that 17 Nusra militants, including a commander, were killed during the battle.

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