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Hezbollah: Palestine aspirations still alive



Friday incidents that happened in Gaza protests proved that aspirations of Palestine are still alive and Palestinians are always ready to offer sacrifices for the sake of freedom, Lebanese Hezbollah Movement said in a statement.

In its Friday’s statement, Hezbollah emphasized its permanent solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and their confrontation with occupation.

The protest march participated by a large number of people disappointed the conspirators and traitors, the statement reads.

The march is the nation’s firm response to the so-called century deal and indicative of the Palestinians’ commitment to their historic and national rights, it said.

Hezbollah also expressed condolences over the martyrdom of some youths and wished immediate recovery for those injured.

During the peaceful protests held by Palestinians early Friday in Gaza Strip, Israeli military forces killed 15 Palestinians most of whom under 16 and injured about 1,500 others. This is while none of the protesters was armed.

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