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Hezbollah MP: War on Iran Declared over its Support for Palestine Resistance, Hunger Stikers



Hezbollah Member of Parliament, Mohamamd Raad, slammed Arab leaders for not being concerned over hunger strike launched by Palestinian prisoners for a month.

In a local ceremony in south Lebanon, Raad compared Arab leaders’ stances with that of late Imam Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini who shut down the Israeli embassy and replaced it with the embassy of Palestine upon his arrival in Tehran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

“Since that time (establishing Palestinian embassy in Tehran) the war was declared on Iran,” Raad said on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Head of Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary bloc said that the war launched nowadays “is against our values and principles,” noting that Saudi Arabia has been spearheading the war on Prophet Mohammad’s genuine Islam.

In this context, Raad stressed that such war won’t reach its goals.

On the other hand, Raad stressed that the resistance people in Lebanon are keen to preserve stability in Lebanon, pointing out that those who target Lebanon’s stability are targeting the resistance.

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