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Hezbollah might explode in ‘Israel’s’ face: Officer

Lebanese Resistance fighters are mobilized in two areas on the southern front, as well as in the Golan area and al-Jalil area, an Islamic Resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah officer revealed to Al Mayadeen in an interview that aired Friday.

The mobilization of the Islamic Resistance was for operational purposes, the officer said under the condition of anonymity, noting that it remained on high alert to confront any Israeli acts of aggression.

The highest achievement realized by the Resistance was drawing such a large number of Israeli forces from the internal and southern fronts to the northern front, “which lessened the pressure on our brothers in Gaza: at the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and up until this very day.”

He underlined that while the Resistance in Lebanon entered the battle on October 8, the very next day after al-Aqsa Flood started, the Israeli occupation forces were mobilized and on high alert on the northern front.

‘Israel’ blinded

Another pivotal achievement made by the Lebanese Resistance was blinding the Israeli occupation and preventing it from seeping into the Lebanese side of the front, the officer said, referencing the operations carried out against the Israeli occupation’s reconnaissance and monitoring sites on the border.

“Israel” was “blinded” through two different phases: The first one was by targeting intelligence, reconnaissance, and monitoring posts aimed at the “front edge”, while the other was by targeting the main sites in charge of operations on the Lebanese and regional levels.

The most important of these sites are the Jal al-Alam site in the western sector and the al-Abbad site in the eastern sector, both of which undertake very significant intelligence missions, “greater than their own geographic area.”

“The Israelis bolstered the front with unit 146, intelligence agencies, air defenses, and increased firepower,” the Islamic Resistance officer revealed.

He explained that operations kicked off in the Shebaa Farms area and expanded to include every site in a 100km radius.

“This achievement is keeping the enemy occupied on the front,” he said. “Also destroying the enemy’s material and manpower capabilities mobilized on the sites and points throughout the entire front.”

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