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Hezbollah Liberates Five Captives Held by Nusra Terrorists in Idlib



In the context of the swap deal coordinated by Lebanon General Security between Hezbollah and Nusra Front terrorist group, the islamic Resistance managed on Thursday to liberate five ex-captives, Moussa Kourani, Ahmad Mezher, Mohammad Shoaib, Mohammad Yassine and Hasan Taha who were held by the militants in the Syrian province of Idlib.

7777 Nusra terrorists and their families were evacuated from Arsal outskirts and carried by buses into Idlib in the context of the same deal.

Last Friday, Hezbollah launched a military campaign against the terrorists in the outskirts of Lebanon’s Arsal and Syria’s Flita, regaining more than 90% of Nusra-held territories.

Lebanon General security coordinated a swap deal between the Resistance and the terrorist group according to which the rest of the terrorists and their families were evacuated from the area in return for releasing Hezbollah ex-captives held by Nusra in Idlib.

Hezbollah ex-captives Moussa Kourani, Ahmad Mezher and Hasan Taha spoke by phone to Al-Manar TV Channel, greeting Hezbollah martyrs and fighters who contributed to their liberation and stressed commitment to Resistance path.

It is worth noting that the convoy moving the 5 freed captives moved into their villages where popular and official ceremonies are scheduled to be held to celebrate their liberation.


Source: Al-Manar Website

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