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Hezbollah launches new wave of attacks on Israeli targets, hits military base

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has launched a new wave of attacks on Israeli targets as part of its efforts to force the regime to end its brutal aggression on Palestinians in Gaza.

Media reports on Tuesday said that Hezbollah had fired missiles on Israeli settlements located in the north of the occupied territories.

Informed sources said some of the missiles had evaded the Israeli anti-missile systems, hitting targets in several settlements.

Hezbollah issued a statement, saying it had used missiles to target a gathering of Israeli military forces in an area near the Adamit military base across Lebanon’s border with the Israeli-occupied territories, adding that the missiles had directly hit the targets.

The resistance group said in a separate statement that it had struck other military targets in the north of the Israeli-occupied territories as well.

The Israeli regime responded by launching airstrikes and shelling areas in southeastern Lebanon on Tuesday, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper Haaretz said in a report that almost half of the houses in Menara settlement in al-Jalil region had been partially or completely damaged as a result of attacks by Hezbollah’s guided missiles.

Hezbollah has intensified its attacks on Israeli targets after a drone strike killed a senior leader of the Gaza-based resistance movement Hamas in Beirut last week.

Tuesday’s attacks marked a fresh escalation in the cross-border trading of fire between Hezbollah and Israel. They came a day after Israelis killed senior Hezbollah commander Wissam Hassan al-Tawil in an airstrike targeting his vehicle in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah hits Israeli military’s Northern Command Center to avenge Arouri, Tawil killings

Hezbollah hits Israeli military’s Northern Command Center to avenge Arouri, Tawil killings

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has launched drone strikes against the headquarters of the Israeli military’s Northern Command in response to the regime’s assassination of top Hamas and Hezbollah officials.

Hezbollah said it used a drone to hit Israel’s northern command military base in Safed, apparently a response to the assassination of Wissam Hassan and Hamas deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri.

The Israeli military did not specify exactly where the base was located. It only claimed no damage was caused to one of its army bases in northern Israel.

The confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel began on October 8, a day after Israel launched bloody aggression on Gaza in response to an unprecedented Hamas operation that killed some 1,200 Israeli settlers and military forces.

Hezbollah and other groups in Arab countries say they will continue to target Israeli and US interests in the region to force them to end the aggression that has left more than 23,000 people dead in Gaza.

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