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Hezbollah launches drone strike, rocket barrages in retaliation to Israeli strikes

Fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah have launched a drone strike and a series of rocket barrages against Israeli military positions in the northern sector of the 1948 occupied territories in retaliation.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television news channel, citing a brief Hezbollah statement, said the group targeted the newly-established headquarters of the 411th Artillery Battalion at the Ga’aton kibbutz with a number of suicide drones.

The statement added that the attack struck buildings housing Israeli military officers and soldiers, stressing that the strike hit its designated targets precisely and left several casualties.

Israeli media outlets said several drones were launched from Lebanon at the Western Galilee on Friday morning, setting off sirens in numerous communities.

The Israeli military asserted that at least one of the drones was downed by missile systems over the sea, while the second one crashed near Ga’aton kibbutz.

On Thursday, Hezbollah launched “more than 60” rockets at Israeli military positions in retaliation for the regime’s air strikes on southern Lebanon areas.

Hezbollah fighters “launched an attack with more than 60 Katyusha rockets” on several Israeli military positions, including in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights,” the group said in a statement.

The strikes were “in response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks last night on the Bekaa region” in eastern Lebanon’s Baalbek area, the group added.

Israeli warplanes, meanwhile, bombed Wadi Saluki district, the outskirts of the southern border villages of Houla, al-Rihan, Sujod and Aita al-Shaab.

Israel confirms Hezbollah attacked sensitive military base housing giant spy blimp

Israel confirms Hezbollah attacked sensitive military base housing giant spy blimp

Israel says Hezbollah has attacked a sensitive military facility from which a giant spy balloon, known as Sky Dew, is operated.

Israeli artillery units targeted Rachaya al-Foukhar and al-Khiam villages with white phosphorus bombs.

Shells also hit the Marjayoun plain, al-Owaidah hills and Yarine village, injuring two herders in Marjayoun.

Lebanon’s official National News Agency said two people were killed after an Israeli drone struck a car in southern Lebanon on Thursday.

The attack targeted a car on the road between Ramadiyeh and Qana in Tyre.

The occupying Israeli regime has repeatedly launched attacks on southern Lebanon since October 7, after commencing a war on Gaza that has killed at least 35,303 Palestinians, predominantly women and children so far.

In retaliation and solidarity with the Palestinians, Hezbollah has been carrying out almost daily rocket attacks on Israeli positions.

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