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Hezbollah launches artillery, drone strikes against Israeli positions

Fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement have launched several artillery and drone strikes against Israeli military positions north of the occupied territories in retaliation for its ongoing onslaught against the Gaza Strip. 

Lebanon’s media outlets reported that Hezbollah fighters struck a group of soldiers at the al-Marj base on Saturday night, resulting in casualties in the targeted area.

The Lebanese resistance group also claimed responsibility for a drone strike against the Israeli Beit Hillel military base, putting the so-called Iron Dome missile system at the site out of service.

Hezbollah said in a statement that Israeli military aircraft sought to intercept and shoot down the incoming unmanned aerial vehicles, but failed to do so.

Video footage circulated on social media platforms showed the drones evading Israeli interceptions as they conducted multiple maneuvers and crossed the Blue Line into occupied Palestinian territories.

Earlier, Hezbollah said it had fired Katyusha rockets at the northern side of the Israeli-occupied lands in retaliation for strikes that killed two people in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah fighters fired “a salvo of Katyusha rockets in response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on… civilians, most recently in Tayr Harfa,” the group said in a statement.

Hezbollah says it hit Israeli targets in ‘multipronged attack’

Hezbollah says it hit Israeli targets in ‘multipronged attack’

Lebanon’s Hezbollah says it launched a multipronged attack on targets controlled by the Israeli regime.

The occupying Israeli regime has repeatedly launched attacks on southern Lebanon since October 7, after unleashing a genocidal war in Gaza that has claimed the lives of at least 34,971 Palestinians, predominantly women and children.

As a retaliatory measure, Hezbollah has been carrying out almost daily rocket attacks on Israeli positions.

At least 390 people have been killed on the Lebanese border, including more than 70 civilians.

Two Israeli wars waged against Lebanon in 2000 and 2006 were met with strong resistance from Hezbollah, resulting in the retreat of the regime in both conflicts.

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