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Hezbollah identifies perpetuator of terrorist attack in Syria

Hezbollah identified the terrorist as Wissam Mazen Dallah, 23, from Al-Tall, who entered Lebanon illegally, Al Mayadeen reported on Saturday.

The terrorist resided in the Hayy Al-Sellom area and chose the last floor in case of any raid.

A security source said that the terrorist threw himself out of the window, his father and brother were arrested, and no explosive belts were found.

Hezbollah feared that the terrorist may be preparing for another terror attack, and raided the building to make sure that he would not escape, the source said.

On July 27, media sources reported that an explosion in a suburb south of the Syrian capital of Damascus killed six people and injured 46 others.

The incident occurred on al-Sudan Street in the al-Sayeda Zainab suburb, where an explosive device planted in a motorcycle near a taxicab was remotely detonated, the state-run Syrian TV reported.

The incident was the second explosion in the area within 48 hours. On July 25, a booby-trapped motorcycle blast wounded two people.

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