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Hezbollah Hits ‘Israel’ Painfully: Zionist Killed in Shebaa Farms Ambush

Hezbollah goes ahead with its painful strikes against the Israeli enemy, with an Israeli being killed early on Friday in a double ambush carried by the Lebanese resistance group in occupied Shebaa Farms.

Hezbollah’s Military Media announced the strike on Sehbaa Farms early on Friday, saying that the Islamic Resistance fighters carried out a complex ambush, employing guided missiles, artillery, and rocket weapons.

The strike targeted a convoy of Israeli armored vehicles near the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba.

“Upon its arrival at the ambush point, the convoy was targeted with guided, artillery, and rocket weapons, resulting in the destruction of two vehicles.”

The Israeli media also reported the attack, saying that Hezbollah operatives fired anti-tank missiles at an Israeli army force in Har Dov (occupied Shebaa Farms) last night.

The occupation army acknowledged that the strike killed an Israeli, with the Hebrew media claiming he was a “civilian contracted by the military.”

“The man is identified as Sharif Suad, a resident of the Bedouin town of Sallama near Karmiel,” The Times of Israel reported, adding that he was carrying out “infrastructure activity” for the Israeli military in the Mount Dov area (occupied Shebaa Farms) when the missile attack occurred.

The Lebanese border towns witnessed intensified Israeli shelling and air strikes on Friday, Al-Manar correspondent reported.

Local media reported that more than 100 artillery shells were fired by the Israeli occupation army, as well as air strikes on Kfar Shuba and Shebaa.

For its part, Israel Hayom reported that the occupation military managed to retrieve the body of the killed individual in Har Dov after a complex operation that lasted for hours under fire.

Meanwhile, Yedioth Ahronoth said that the Israeli army has opened an investigation into the attack on Har Dov, noting that the force was supposed to operate in the darkness so as not to be targeted.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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