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Hezbollah Fully Supports Palestinian Retaliatory Measures over Sheikh Adnan Crime

Hezbollah denounced as an Israeli crime demise of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan who embraced martyrdom in Israeli jail on Tuesday after 86 days of hunger strike over his arbitrary detention.

In a statement, Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office said the Lebanese resistance movement “fully supports Palestinian resistance groups in its retaliatory measures in response to martyrdom of Sheikh Adnan.”

“As we offer condolences, we congratulate martyrdom of the resistance hero, prisoner Sheikh Khader Adnan, who embraced martyrdom this morning after a long path of steadfastness and resistance against Israeli arbitrary measures throughout more than eight years he spent behind bars.”

Palestinian prisoner Sheikh Khader Adnan

Hezbollah stressed that martyrdom of Sheikh Adnan uncovers again the tragedy Palestinian and Arab prisoners have been going through at Israeli jails.

The Lebanese resistance party called on international and humanitarian groups “to exert efforts to expose Israeli occupation crimes.”

Hezbollah, meanwhile, voiced full support for all measures by Palestinian resistance groups to retaliate martyrdom of Sheikh Adnan and to free all Palestinian prisoners.

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