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Hezbollah Forced Maritime Deal after ‘israel’s’ Unabated Procrastination: Journalist

Prominent Lebanese journalist Ibrahim Al-Amin told Al-Manar that the deal on the maritime dispute between Lebanon and the Zionist entity is neither an agreement between two states nor an accord.

In an interview with Al-Manar’s Panorama Today on Wednesday night, the CEO and editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper described the maritime deal as “an understanding between two hostile parties in a bid to organize affairs of economic interests.”

“The talks which started twelve years ago was aimed at reaching a full agreement on border demarcation, but there has been a US and Western decision to prevent Lebanon from utilizing from its resources due to influence on international firms and Lebanon internal problems,” Al-Amin told Panorama Today’s Manar Sabbagh.

“The resistance stance shifted the talks from phase of procrastination to phase of deal,” Al-Amin said.

The resistance didn’t press the Lebanese State, but rather directly addressed the Israeli enemy through clear threats.

“The enemy needed practical measures to extract gas in a bid to meet it internal demands and to utilize from the international and regional situation,” Al-Amin said, referring to energy shortage across the world.

“The resistance imposed a very clear equation that was simple in the form but dangerous in the content.”

He noted, meanwhile, that the US has great influence in Lebanon, stating: “Washington is capable of exerting different forms of pressure on Lebanon and it did so regarding the maritime talks, but Israel told the US that it knows Hezbollah very well and that the resistance group’s threats are serious.”

The Lebanese journalist also echoed Hezbollah S.G. Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s remarks during Tuesday’s speech on the resistance readiness.

“Though residents of southern border towns haven’t witnessed military activity in the area, they know that there are thousands of fighters who have been on full alert.”

“The Israeli enemy knows that the resistance has instant reconnaissance of activity in Karish and other fields as well as many other details.”

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