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Hezbollah Denounces Terrorist Crimes against Holy Sites in Syria

Hezbollah-Denounces-Terrorist-Crimes-against-Holy-Sites-in-SyriaHezbollah condemned the crimes of terrorist organizations against the shrines and Islamic and Christian sanctities in Syria, and most recently demolishing of the Prophet’s companion Ammar bin Yasir and the Prophet’s follower Uys Al Qarni, calling on those responsible figures to shoulder their responsibilities and move quickly to put an end to this prolonged corruption.
“The hand of Takfiri hatred hit again the shrines of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (sws) and followers (God bless them), demolishing and destructing, on the basis of crooked understanding and wrong interpretation of religion, causing grief among Muslims around the world, who are daunted by the risks to shrines of Islamic great personalities,” Hezbollah statement said.
“The so-called ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) organization demolished the beacons of the shrines of the noble companion Ammar bin Yasir, and that of the follower Uys Al Qarni in the Raqqa area of eastern Syria, in preparation for the demolition of shrine in full, in light of the silence regarding this terrible crime affecting the feelings of Muslims and insulting sanctities,” it added.
“This new crime should be in the custody of the Syrian opposition forces that claimed more than once their care for shrines and holy sites, and expressed commitment to preserve them, while they keep silent just like the dead people regarding these criminal practices,” the statement read.
As expressing strong condemnation of the crimes of terrorist organizations against the shrines and Islamic and Christian sanctities in Raqqa and other Syrian areas, Hezbollah also called for those responsible to put an end to these crimes, so do not be partners who contribute to the continuation of these practices that threaten to ignite sedition among the nation.

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