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Hezbollah Condemns ISIL Brutal Crimes against Iraqi Citizens

Hezbollah denounced the brutal crimes committed by the gangs of criminality and atonement, called ISIL, against Iraqi citizens, employing the most heinous and degenerated methods of murdering.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Hezbollah considered that the use of heinous methods to kill ordinary people intensifies the atrociousness of the crimes and augments the offense against the religion of mercy, goodness, justice, graciousness, tolerance, charity and peace, which is Islam, especially in the month of virtue and compassion, Holy Ramadan.

“Hezbollah also denounces the absolute silence about these crimes by some Ulama, intellectuals, mass media and the international institutes, what drives the criminal gangs to persist on their criminality and brutality, raising a major question about the reasons behind this suspicious silence,” the statement added.

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