Harsh cold kills 4 Syrians in Lebanon


At least four Syrian refugees, including two children, have succumbed to a severe cold spell in Lebanon.

According to Press TV, Lebanon is experiencing a harsh winter this year with Syrian refugees hit the hardest. They live in very dire conditions with little or no heating in freezing temperatures.
Freezing temperatures across Lebanon especially in the Bekaa Valley, where a large number of refugees reside, are putting many of them at risk.
In the Syrian refugee camp in the town of Rmeileh located in south Lebanon, harsh winds and very cold temperatures have caused serious problems for many refugees.
Thousands of Syrian refugees were afflicted by storm in Lebanon. Many refugees in the country were trapped in their tents by the heavy rain and snow, struggling to stay warm in temperatures hovering around zero degrees.
The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, had distributed cash and fuel coupons among more than 80,000 refugee families ahead of the storm.

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