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Haneyya: All prisoners will be released from ‘israeli’ jails

Ismail Haneyya, the Political Bureau Chairman of Hamas Movement, has said that all Palestinian prisoners will be released from Israeli jails, adding that the resistance will not rest until they are all freed.

Haneyya, who was participating in the funeral of Um Nabil, the mother of prisoner Hasan Salama in Doha on Saturday, lauded the deceased, saying that she always supported her son who has been in Israeli jails for 27 years so far.

Um Nabil has urged all her sons to participate in the resistance against the occupation, he added.

Um Nabil, who arrived in Qatar for treatment a few days ago, died on Saturday of her illness and was laid to rest in the presence of senior Hamas officials led by Haneyya in addition to the Palestinian ambassador to Doha and his deputy and huge masses of the Palestinian and Arab community in Qatar.

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