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Hamas slams Israel’s attempt to Judaize education


The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced Israel’s attempt to Judaize education in Palestinian schools in east Jerusalem, calling for official and popular moves to confront it. Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat al-Resheq stated on his Twitter page that “his Movement categorically rejects any Israeli attempt to impose on the Palestinians curriculums serving its policies that are based on misrepresentation and distortion in the holy city.”

Resheq condemned Israel’s intent to ban the use of Palestinian curriculums as a crime and a violation of the Palestinian people’s right to education, which is protected by the international law. “The occupation’s ongoing war on the Palestinian people, their land and curriculums through Judaization, displacement and distortion would be doomed to failure because today’s generation has become aware and adherent to its national constants,” he underlined. Palestinian academics recently warned in a statement issued by the ministry of higher education against attempts to Israelize education in Palestinian schools.

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