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Hamas: Resistance will continue in all its form

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on Tuesday affirmed that the resistance against the Israeli occupation will continue in all its forms and said that the Palestinian people have the right to develop their resistance mechanisms.

In a statement on the 51st anniversary of the Palestinian Naksa (setback), the Islamic Resistance Movement stressed that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and that no concession involving the holy city will be ever made.

The Movement said that the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and all the attempts made to Judaize the city and alter its identity are null and never accepted.

The statement called on the Palestinian people to commemorate the anniversary of the 1967 setback with the largest participation in the Great Return March protests set to take place on Friday 8th June.

Hamas expressed its rejection of all projects aimed at liquidating the issue of Palestinian refugees, including the attempts to settle them outside Palestine and alternative home projects.

It also warned of the conspiracies targeting the UNRWA as a prelude to dropping the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and preventing any compensation for the losses caused by their displacement from their lands.

Hamas saluted the steadfast Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the 1948 occupied territories, and the Diaspora, who, through their sacrifices, affirm every day that they are a people deserving of freedom and independence.

In another context, Hamas stressed the need for building the Palestinian national institutions on the basis of democracy, pluralism, national partnership, and dialogue in order to achieve the national goals and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Movement called on Fatah to abide by all that was agreed upon in 2005 and 2011, lift the sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip, and hold a National Council that includes all Palestinian factions in accordance with the outcomes of the 2017 Beirut meeting.

“We strongly reject all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation from any side and at any level, and we consider it an attack on the Palestinian people and their hopes for freedom and independence,” Hamas said.

The movement hailed the countries and international organizations and movements supporting the Palestinian cause and fighting against normalization around the world.

“We adopt a policy of openness to various countries in the world, especially Arab and Muslim nations,” Hamas said, adding that it seeks to build balanced relations with other countries while taking into account the requirements of the Palestinian cause and the interests of the Palestinian people.

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